July 6, 2015 sica A

Apple Inc. sued over hauled iPhone LTE patents

DELAWARE DISTRICT COURT, NEW CASTLE – Evolved Wireless LCC filed a patent infringement complaint opposing Apple due to inadequacy of license for successive iPhone LTE Patents that are part of LTE standard.

The complaint states that Evolved Wireless holds authorized patent portfolio bought from LG Electronics. Further, it mentioned infringed patents including: “916, 965, 373, 236, and 381,” among which are registered with Trademark Office and United States Patent.

As stated on iPhone user guide, page 188: “Apple sells, manufactures, imports, and uses certain devices that practice the LTE standards established by 3GPP and ETSI. Indeed, Apple markets to the public that certain devices are compliant with the LTE standard.”

In the interim, LG owns the said patent portfolio. Apple was part of it; moreover, it was legal for iPhone Inc. to utilize the licenses related with 3GPP association. Briefly, Apple is not interactive and interdependent of 3GPP meetings, but has taken account of the reference system concerning intellectual property rights, which is pertinent in the LTE market.

Meanwhile, Evolved Wireless LCC had also filed four separate lawsuits against Microsoft Corporation, Lenovo, HTC, and Samsung Electronics upon the same patent of intellectual property protection.

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