May 16, 2015 sica A

EZTV voluntarily shuts down for good

It appears that a hacker coup forces a popular torrent site to voluntarily go offline. EZTV is one of the premier TV torrent sites online, and just recently, it announced that it will no longer distribute TV shows that are illegally uploaded. As a result, many internet pirates all over the world grieve for EZTV’s shut down.

What is EZTV?

EZTV is a TV-torrent distribution group. Earlier this year, it was ranked as one of the most popular websites until their domain was infiltrated by hackers. The breach led the admins of EZTV to go offline since they couldn’t stop the infiltrators from spreading from one of their domains to another. Even the name NovaKing which is used by their leader was compromised. Now the hackers are posing as the EZTV leader, using it as a disguise to reach out to other illicit sites.

Protection of copyrighted material can take a good amount of effort even for popular shows. When the first four episodes of the fifth season of Game of Thrones were leaked, EZTV was one of the major torrent sites that have gotten a lot of attention. However, the attention created a lot of problems especially when the Pirate Bay was also shut down. According to EZTV’s administrators, they could start with new names but too much had been lost so the group’s leader decided to quit.