May 8, 2015 guardaley_alfred

Infringers watch out! Russia strengthens their anti-piracy law

Russia has never been too strict about their intellectual property rules. However, they have decided to update and strengthen their efforts to tackle online piracy. As first introduced in mid-2013, their anti-piracy law applied only to websites that shared pirated TV show and movies.

The updated law forced on May 1 has been expanded to cover websites that share links to pirated books, music and software, except images. Aside from extended coverage, this development means websites that provide access to copyrighted content will face systematic violation of intellectual property rights.

On shutting down websites, here’s how it works:

*The allotted time for those accused of harbouring pirated media to respond is 72 hours.

*No court order is required instead the officials will respond to complaints.

*The alleged pirates or infringers will be able to argue their defence at the court.


Sergei Zheleznyak, deputy speaker of the Russian Duma said “Our common goal is to ensure that all work is adequately rewarded and that the benefit from successful books, music and wonderful computer programs is enjoyed by those who created them, and not those who stole them.”

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