July 8, 2015 sica A

German Court urges Google and YouTube to bring copyright infringers

“Court finds tech giants sharing some culpability with uploaders of infringed contents (though they aren’t on the hook for it).” –Billboard

According to a recent ruling in Hamburg regional court on July 1, Google and YouTube must take quick procedures to block videos if they are notified by authors, artists, and publishers about copyright infringements.

German music producer and author, Frank Peterson, was decided of a high-level judgment against YouTube and Google by OLG Hamburg. Predominantly, Peterson was found as the court’s preference. Hence, Google and YouTube are ordered to provide the complainant in writing data, together with names and locations of counterfeit netizens who uploaded piratical mechanisms in YouTube. In the case of unattained postal addresses, culprits shall deliver e-mail addresses. The aforementioned sites can also assume direct appeals for cost and damages in the condition of declining to disclose information so as to protect the uploaders’ identity.

Driven by the cumulative quantity of infringed and shared digital content, illegal downloads are anticipated to escalate in the millennium. This is alarming and frightening the creative industry. Lately, productions have been defeated by significant revenues from illegal downloads of digital content which comprise of books, games, music, software, and movies such as The Expendables 3, American Heist, and Olympus Has Fallen. According to the Motion Picture Association of America, digital piracy is costing movie studios $6.1 billion per year.  Ramifications are likely to frighten the creative industry since intellectual properties have been successively stolen in digital format. Thus, this problem demands immediate countermeasures from experts like Guardaley Ltd.

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