July 2, 2015 sica A

How piracy perils the music industry

“Apple’s biggest rival when it launches its $10-a-month streaming music service on Tuesday might not be Spotify or Tidal, but piracy.” –Los Angeles Times

According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), “about a fifth of the Internet users all over the globe persist in frequently accessing sites offering copyright infringing music”. Anti-piracy movements and the music industry had difficulty in counteracting measures such as intellectual property collection since majority of the population are youth and most juveniles don’t see anything wrong with downloading from unauthorized sites such as Limewire.

Teenagers nowadays have altered in contrast with the juveniles in the past. Making friends don’t happen in playgrounds anymore. Well, maybe only a few cases. But oftentimes finding a support system takes place virtually. Personal diary is obsolete, public diary is prevalent. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just few of today’s journals.

Meanwhile, music, mobile phones, television, movies, and video games have become an urgency of today’s young generation and have become easily perishable necessities. Youngsters are uncertain of their needs and effortlessly get bored. Thus, they always seek for more. This is one of the few alterations of the world and amongst the few reasons why majority of the adolescents pursue ways of piracy online despite the fact that they could get infringement notices, like a TCYK letter, for doing so. This turns out to be a proliferating case which needs immediate solutions and results.

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