May 15, 2015 guardaley_alfred

ISPs ordered to pay 75% legal costs for Dallas Buyers Club piracy

Instead of Dallas Buyers Club paying for the costs of this infamous case, iiNET and other Australian ISPs will now pay 75% of the total legal costs. They will also pay for Daniel Macek’s travel to Australia from Stuttgart, including his accommodation and living expenses during his stay.

To recall, iiNet cross-examined Macek, and Justice Nye Perram described the examination as “fruitless”. The reason for this decision is because as the ISPs took on the adversarial side, they did not win on all arguments. But Justice Perram said that Dallas Buyers Club LLC will still need to pay the Australian ISPs for the retrieval of the identities of the alleged pirates.
dallas buyers club
Dallas Buyers Club film owners are expected to draft a letter to be sent to those suspected of illegally sharing the movie.