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Microsoft’s Windows app stores face new copyright issue

Microsoft faces a new copyright issue involving their Windows app stores. The largest software maker is making sure that its online stores are clean even as it is getting ready to update to Windows 10 operating system (OS), which promises better performance across various devices with more secure web browser.

The software maker faces a new copyright issue involving their Windows app stores which has been plagued by scams. These pirated copies come in the form of misleading apps and products that are clearly stolen from popular movies, shows, music and games.

In the Windows Store, you can find apps that let users illegally stream copyrighted films and TV shows. Last month, Microsoft was contacted by CNET after finding out that there’s a %5.99 app that will let users illegally stream HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones”. Microsoft removed the Game of Thrones app, but the world’s largest software maker is still struggling to take intellectual property infringement seriously as other apps still exist.

The problem is that a lot of knockoffs of existing apps can be found in the store, which lowers the credibility of the stores. There are other companies that struggle with piracy and copyright issues. Aside from Microsoft, Apple and Google also deal with copyright infringers who violate their terms of service.

Why does Microsoft struggle so much?

When it comes to operating systems being run on PCs around the world, Windows OS is the most popular with 90%. However, there are only 500,000 apps in Microsoft’s app stores while there are 1.2 million apps designed for Android and iOS.

As a conclusion, protection of copyrighted material should be Microsoft’s priority. The company should work and look hard to find the offenders if they want the copyright holders to trust them to protect intellectual property. It is the best way to at least come close to the market share or reputation that both Apple and Google have.

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