July 13, 2015 sica A

Oracle: Rimini Street copyright trial to push through in September

On Tuesday, Oracle Corp claims for $200 million damages and injunction, and filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Rimini Street Inc., and its Chief Executive Seth Ravin, which would go to trial in September.

In 2010, Oracle sued Rimini Street Inc. and Seth Ravin asserting copyright infringement deceits on computer and other associated business offenses, with a complaint about stolen copyright material by means of virtual access codes of Oracle customers. According to Oracle, a federal magistrate substantiated the lawsuit for trial last July 1.

In the intervening time, Rimini Street Inc.’s rebuttal of defamation and unfair competition was discharged last August 2014 at the U.S. District Court in Las Vegas. To avoid hassles and unexpected indictment, better understanding and adaptation of patentability in copyright protection of computer software is a must.

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