July 11, 2015 sica A

Piracy gang behind almost 700 crores lost in silver screen trade

Central Crime Branch trapped pirated DVD clamor and arrested seven individuals. An evaluation resulted to Rs. 700 crore losses in big screen trades in the last two years.

Last Wednesday, Police Commissioner M.N. Reddi says the business is distinctive. The alleged principal suspect who is a resident of Ramamurthynagar, named Krishna Reddy, pronounces that he would send his companion, Rajesh, to watch and to record the paramount display of newly released films on silver screen via a video camera. Subsequently, he will contest to Deepanjali Nagar, Byatarayanapura to record it on DVDs. The assembly had dispatched DVD copies of recently released movies and disrupted brand protection.

Agent Commissioner of Police Crime R. Ramesh supposed they engaged under Goonda Act.

According to Mr. Reddi, the group made prints and distributed it over the State. Nevertheless, Krishna Reddy is a persistent unlawful who is part of reasonable offenses in Andhra Pradesh. He was arrested in 2000, not long after he moved base to Ballari and along Bengaluru. However, the aforementioned theft has gotten jurisdiction in Byatarayanapura police resting.

The greatest action in which content owners can do is to ensure the continuity of scrutiny in open market and hire anti-piracy protection techniques from digital content monitoring companies like Guardaley Ltd.

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