May 14, 2015 sica A

“Supergirl” pilot leaked 6 months early — Up, up and away!

The upcoming drama series “Supergirl” leaked early Friday. This CBS program was set to air this coming November, but high quality copies of the pilot episode were downloaded from file-sharing sites. The HD format (1080p) of the episode appeared clean as ‘property of’ warnings were not seen. There weren’t even any watermarks found.


This is a story about 24-year old Kara Zor-El better known as Supergirl, the cousin of Superman (aka Kal-El).  She escaped from the planet Krypton where she already had hidden powers, and on earth, she’s embracing her superhuman abilities to be “the superhero she was meant to be”. The official first-look trailer was posted on YouTube on May 13 and has already been viewed about 11 million times.

In an upfront presentation in New York, CBS touted Supergirl as one of its top new shows. CBS has not made a comment regarding the issue but they are known for sending thousands of takedown notices each day. It is likely that they will try to stem the tide.

It’s not common for pilot episodes to be leaked on piracy websites, although some TV networks release pilots as a marketing strategy to build a buzz through showing a preview of the show. However, the leak is a little too early from the actual premiere date that it could affect their initial ratings negatively or it could work in their favour somehow.

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