June 17, 2015 sica A

Sweden’s film and TV industries lose $100M annually from piracy

A report from Sweden’s Film and TV Industry Cooperation Committee concludes that illegal streaming and file sharing cause almost $100 million loss annually.

The committee’s expert on digital trade Per Strömbäck explained “It is a common misconception that piracy is less of a problem today – on the contrary, it is bigger than ever. As much as 280 million film and television programmes annually are watched in Sweden illegally,”

1,003 Swedes were interviewed and 71% of the population use legal TV and film services. For the rest of the result, visit 280 Million Pirated movies & TV shows viewed in Sweden annually.

Strömbäck concluded “The situation is not sustainable. For the industries to be able to produce, distribute and show films and TV programming, audiences want to see and pay for, it requires a digital market that works, and measures to stop the illegal competition,”

The Swedish feature film production companies suffered from loss in DVD sales back in 2013. Now, Strömbäck pointed out that it’s not just about business but due to less new films as well.

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