May 21, 2015 sica A

The Fijian Government reaffirms commitment to fight piracy

At the Fiji Performing Arts Music Awards, the Fijian Government reaffirmed its commitment to fight piracy in the country.

In his opening speech, Laisenia Tuitubou, Minister for Youth and Sports said that the Government…

  • is not treating the issue lightly
  • shares the determination of all in the music industry to stamp out the theft of artists’ hard work

Also, Mr. Tuitubou paid homage to Pio Tikoduadua, former Minister for Infrasture. Mr. Tikoduadua has been committed to detect copyright infringements and reduce them.

Terence O’Neill-Joyce, Fiji Intellectual Property rights office head, said that stopping copyright infringements is everyone’s business. Mr. O’Neill-Joyce said he had seen 100 iTaukei songs available for just $6. For him, it’s an insult to artists and reduces their hard work to pennies.

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