June 5, 2015 guardaley_alfred

Video game technology specialist Raw Thrills’ anti-piracy campaign

Raw Thrills’ sales manager Mark Struhs revealed that they have launched an international anti-piracy campaign to combat “global violation” of their intellectual property rights.


They received numerous service calls due to premature failure of games in Asia. The defective units were verified to be copies of their games. Due to this alert, they have conducted investigations about the illegal and inferior copied games. They’re still continuing necessary actions against China and Australia.


Raw Thrills acquired lists of customers. They will use these to seek damages against those who manufacture, operate, or sell the illegal games.

A team of investigators in China are continuing to investigate suspected game copiers. There are three companies in China that have signed undertakings that acknowledge their illegal dealing in Raw Thrill copies. Luxury Animation Technology, Yida Electronics Factory and the third company which cannot be named yet offer apologies and will compensate for the damages. The illegal activities will also cease and desist. Copied games found on location were destroyed and the financial settlements have been negotiated.

What they aim to achieve

*To eliminate piracy of their products
*To protect customers from inferior and defective games

What they will continue to do

*They will take down advertisements found on Alibaba and other online platforms.
*Coordinate with Chinese copyright enforcement authorities.
*Pursue those who violate their copyrights and trademarks.

Struhs said that their message is clear. Raw Thrills will go after you if you manufacture, distribute or operate copies of their products. This video game technology specialist will use all civil and criminal remedies available to them.

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