May 27, 2015 guardaley_alfred

Why name-calling such as “trolls” doesn’t matter

Name-calling is not the most important thing when you are defending the rights of the people who are wronged. Critics make it a point to put a bad light to entities that enforce copyright law.

They make people believe that the enforcers are the villains. They call them trolls because just like the mythical creatures, they see the lawyers or plaintiffs just sitting there, waiting under the bridge to collect tolls to people who would dare cross.

It’s true that sometimes, these people don’t own the product or title that they are defending. But that’s the thing really, they are defenders. If the owners do not have the time to defend their rights, who else will? What would then happen to their creations? It could just be a waste in their effort and a huge loss on their time.

Creating is sometimes a long process and it would take a whole team’s determination. Their time is too precious to be wasted on tracking and pursuing copyright infringers; it is best allocated on making new creations.

Not about the money

It would be a pity if the creators wouldn’t get the actual pay that they deserve. It isn’t even just about the money. Yes, it could buy all the equipment and pay the talents, but it’s the creator who makes new works.

What the copyright protectors want to achieve is fairness. Creators should be adequately rewarded for their copyrighted works. The copyright advocates want to positively affect those who really buy the products and not those who steal from creators.

Issues about copyrights continue to become complicated but it can be resolved if people can try to understand both sides. More importantly, name-calling does not have any bearing on online piracy. It only shows the other party’s defensive side. And it won’t stop copyright protectors from doing their job.

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