July 16, 2015 sica A

Hollywood and Microsoft gained $17.2m over online piracy

The online piracy trial over piracy protection between 26-year-old proprietor of Wawa-Mania, Dimitri Mader, and foremost movie and music copyright owners and software provider Microsoft, which has been going from 2009 had finally ended. The alleged culprit had been ordered to pay reparations amounting to $17.2 million.

Some of the court’s official papers were seen by TorrentFreak, showing that the highest impairments were to Sacem ($3m), Warner Bros ($1.4m), Paramount Pictures ($1.8m), Universal ($1.9m), Columbia Pictures ($1.8m), Disney ($2.2m), and Twentieth Century Fox ($3m).

Meantime, Microsoft acknowledged $757,000 for amends and charges, at the same time SCPP obtained $584,000, while film distributor Marc Dorcel acquired $75,000.

Dimitri Mader affirmed to have accumulated returns in the sum of €42,000 but claimed that the figure was used to remunerate servers.

Aside from imprisonment Dimitri Mader has also been penalized of €20,000 by the Federal Court, and an addition of €46,000 for legal dues. However, Mader accepted full accountability for allowing piracy to go on.

Indeed, it is necessary to constantly monitor digital brand protection not just in movies but also in music and other copyrighted materials found online.

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