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What to do after receiving a TCYK LLC letter

Entities pursue copyright infringers based on the evidence they’ve gathered with the help of IT experts. However, those who receive copyright letters bring up issues regarding the claims. These copyright issues may include incorrect ISP, “fake” IP address, and false evidence among others.

But what exactly do you do if you get a letter of demand (LOD)?

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Take time to read what is written in the demand letter. Check the details supplied to make sure that they mailed the right person. Try to understand what you are being accused of so you will know what to do next.


Track the information stated in the legal letter. Do you remember using the internet at the time stated and more importantly, did you illegally download their movie? Gather all necessary facts and prepare your answers to possible questions that would probably be thrown at you.


Answer back and collaborate in the evidence gathering. Explain why your internet connection was engaged in copyright infringement. Responding to the letter is the best way to clear your name and avoid major damages.

On the whole, everyone in the copyright claims industry carefully identifies the actual infringer. This means they pursue the person who used the internet connection for the purposes of copyright infringement. Before you receive any notification such as a TCYK LLC letter, you can expect that everything is well-researched and examined closely.

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