August 11, 2015 sica A

Sky customers to pay for allegedly pirating “The Company You Keep”

As a legal firm that advocates the unlawfulness of online copyright infringement, TCYK LLC has taken matters into its hands by sending letters to Sky broadband customers who allegedly pirated the Robert Redford film “The Company You Keep”, which starred Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon and Shia LaBeouf.

The TCYK LLC letter reportedly demands for payment of a fine for settlement. Failure to abide by the provisions stated in the letter could lead the recipients to face legal action. It is also stated that TCYK hired a “forensic computer analyst” to recognize the IP addresses of the accused copyright infringers.

Meanwhile, the firm succeeded its application for a court order against Sky. This signifies that Sky is now required to provide TCYK LLC the details of its customers who were identified by the company as infringers of their copyright.

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