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The European Commission endorses the Digital Single Market Strategy

Europe needs to allow wider online access to works and open new opportunities for the content industry especially for creators. The European Commission believes that the copyright regime in Europe needs to be harmonised more. They’ll be making legislative proposals by the end of the year, which will include the following:
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EZTV voluntarily shuts down for good

It appears that a hacker coup forces a popular torrent site to voluntarily go offline. EZTV is one of the premier TV torrent sites online, and just recently, it announced that it will no longer distribute TV shows that are illegally uploaded. As a result, many internet pirates all over the world grieve for EZTV’s shut down. Read more

“Supergirl” pilot leaked 6 months early — Up, up and away!

The upcoming drama series “Supergirl” leaked early Friday. This CBS program was set to air this coming November, but high quality copies of the pilot episode were downloaded from file-sharing sites. The HD format (1080p) of the episode appeared clean as ‘property of’ warnings were not seen. There weren’t even any watermarks found. Read more